Rumiana Yotova | Румяна Йотова

Born in 1954, Bulgaria.

Art school: Trojan, Bulgaria.

Works and lives in Delft, The Netherlands and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Working member of

  • Pulchri studio, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Kadmium, Delft, The Netherlands
  • ArtiBrak, Voorburg, The Netherlands
  • NABK, The Netherlands
  • Union of Bulgarian artists (member of IAA/Unesco)
  • Union of Plovdiv Artists, Bulgaria.

Awards and nominations:

  • 2021 Nomination for the “Vlietawards Cultuurprijs Leidschendam – Voorburg”.
  • 2021 Fonds AritiBrak, Gallery Award, 2021, Voorburg, The Netherlands.
  • 2018 and 2019 Honarable Mention Jaartentoonstelling ArtiBrak, Voorburg, the Netherlands.
  • 2018 Nomination for Oeuvre Prize ArtiBrak, Voorburg, the Netherlands.
  • 2018 Honarable Mention "Women Painters", Majdanpek, Serbia.
  • 2017 Diploma of Excellence of the Ministry of Culture, BIP, Chisinau, Moldova.
  • 2013 Sturza Foundation Prize, Chisinau, Moldova.
  • 2010 1st Price for Fine Arts, Union of Plovdiv Artists, Bulgaria.
  • 2000 Publieksprijs of the Delftse Salon and Atelierroute.

Selection from Rumiana's Exhibitions from 2012

2023 Galerie Het Oude Raadhuis, Warmond, The Netherlands.
2022 “De wereld van Rumiana”, Sijthof Cultuur, Leiden, The Netherlands.
2021 Galerie ArtiBrak, Voorburg, the Netherlands.
2020 Galerie 44, ‘Rumiana’s wereld’, Den Haag, The Netherlands.
2020 "Spring Exhibition FEMAL PAINTERS", Gabrovo, Bulgaria.
2019 "Plovdiv Cultural Capital of Europe 2019", UPH, Galeria Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2018 International Exhibition WOMEN PAINTERS, Majdanpek, Serbia.
2017 Pulchri, "Najaarstentoonstelling" and "Verse Aanwas", Den Haag, The Netherlands.
2017 Galerie ArtiBrak, Voorburg, The Netherlands.
2017 Cultural Palace, Iasi, Romania.
2017 International Biennal of Painting, Chisinau, Moldava.
2017 "Binding", De Waag en Kloostergangen. Exchange ArtiBrak/KZOD, Voorburg/Haarlem
2016 National Awards Alianz Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2015 La Galerie du Génie de la Bastille, „ArtiBrak meets Le Génie“, Paris, France.
2015 "Then and Now", Union of Bulgarian Artists, Shipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2015 Galerie ArtiBrak, Voorburg.
2014 Rumiana Yotova, anniversary exhibition, City Gallery of Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2014 International Mail-Art on Paper Exhibition "Fire, Water, Earth", Gourin, France.
2013 MINIART-THE ART OF MINIATURE. Fourth International Biennial, Ruse, Bulgaria.
2013 Selection of International Biennale of Painting Chişinău 2013, Bucharest, Romania
2013 International Biennale of Painting Chişinău 2013, National Art Museum of Moldova.
2012 Third Balkan Quadrinnale of Painting, Stara Zagorra, Bulgaria
2012 Sixth Biennal of Small Forms, Pleven, Bulgaria
2012 Nazomerexpositie, Galerie Oost 99, Hoorn, The Netherlands
2012 X International Exhibition WOMEN PAINTERS, Majdanpek, Serbia

In addition to Bulgaria and The Netherlands her work can be found in Greece, Spain, Moldavia, Italy, Canada and USA.