My trip through the world of art started in my childhood. Without brushes I draw in small notepads with multicolored pens. I continued with painting, wanted to be a painter and finished a study at the School for Applied Art in Trojan, Bulgaria. There, I learned the profession that fascinates me to this very day: painting. There, I learned the discipline to take position on front of the canvas, each day, trying to achieve the best.

Everything around me gives inspiration and emotions, which I try to incorporate in the paintings. While painting I also interact with the result. I work on three or four paintings, simultaneously. During the creative process the paintings change till they have been finished.

I work with oil paint, because it gives so much that makes the process of painting so fascinating. My favorite way of working is that with pallet knife, because of the intensity that I can achieve with it. With knife I take something away and at the same time add something else, thus getting in balance.

Every color generates a certain emotion. The colors dark blue and scarlet indicate instinctive extremes and contradictions. In my paintings lines are important too. They introduce charge in it. The contour can indicate a shape a direction or an emotion.

My life and the time of my life have been depicted in my paintings. As a painter I am abstract expressionist and improvise on emotional themes: motherly love, human connections, farewell and meeting, premonition and touch. I try to create a world of poetic emotion. This world is my world. Yet, I try to achieve that my art appeals for other people independent of their national character- Bulgarian, Dutch, French or Japanese.

My future work is directed to further expeditions in life and in the of world of painting.

Rumiana Yotova, Delft